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Motor Home Shelters: Choosing Your RV Storage


You wanted it. You bought it. You've used and enjoyed it. And now it's time to protect it in the off-season.


If you've been thinking about the best way to store your RV, you've no doubt considered either owning your own motor home shelter, or paying a monthly fee for one of the RV & boat storage facilities to house your rig.

There are pros and cons to both options.

While motor home storage buildings can offer the best protection and security, most storage facilities are simply open yards with a security fence. Security is usually good, and your vehicle may be safe from intruders.

But that big investment is still exposed to the damaging effects of excessive heat, snow build-up, dirt, bird droppings, and direct sun.

We believe, however, that a good quality RV storage canopy has the overall advantage. Here's why:

    • Despite the up-front cost, owning a motorhome shelter can be less expensive over the long-term. The canopy frames are made of powder coated or galvanized steel, and the canvas material is usually a heavy-duty polyethylene that is designed to last for years.

    • Even a simple overhead canopy will provide much greater protection from harsh weather. Your motorhome or travel trailer will stay cleaner, and will suffer less from long-term exposure to sun's destructive UV rays.

    • You may not have an electric fence around your yard, but storing your recreational vehicle on your property can be just as secure. Your rig is completely enclosed, and you can even add a motion detector to ward off any uninvited guest. In addition to the convenience, many people simply feel better having their Class A, a 5th wheel trailer, or camper a short distance away.

If you've already browsed this site, you'll be familiar with the options and styles of garage kits. They generally fall into two categories.

1) Open RV Canopy: Like the traditional carport, these motor home canopies have four open sides, but with a rounded or peaked roof. Some have a valance or panel that drops part-way down the sides. Those carport canopies built with a vinyl or metal top will have a higher snow load capacity - up to 40 lbs PSF.

  • The least expensive shelter option
  • Better for tight spaces, since less clearance is needed on the sides
  • Because of the 4 open sides, it is more stable in high wind areas.
  • Easiest to set up.

2) Enclosed Portable Garage: Your motorhome or trailer is wrapped on the top and all sides with a strong polyethylene tarp material. Some models have a zippered door, and even air vents. You can get more details about portable garage kits here.

  • Provides the best protection from harsh sun, rain, insects, rodents, and wind-blown dirt.
  • Excellent for a vehicle boat combination, eliminating the need for a boat cover
  • Better shielded from potential intruders, which can be enhanced with battery-operated motion detector.

Keep in mind that the availability of canopies and garage kits change with the seasons. So if you can't find the right portable motor home shelter, , with as much detail about what you are looking for. We'll do our best to help you find what you need.

And don't forget one more alternative to consider: a universal or custom-fit RV cover !

And That Covers It !

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