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Carport Canopy

The 5 Big Advantages To
Owning A Canopy Carport

The use of portable car ports and canvas garages is growing in popularity as a practical and inexpensive solution for those who need more garage space. They can be installed on almost any residence or commercial site, requires minimal space, and provides durable weather protection for your car, boat, machinery, RV or truck.


Gone are the days of big poles, concrete floors, and ugly fiberglass or metal covers. The newest styles have protective canopy over a study steel frame.

So more than ever, a canvas carport is viewed as an excellent choice for those who don't want to invest the time and money in building a fully-enclosed wood or metal garage.

Of course you'll consider all your options, but here are 5 important benefits to think about:

Canopy Carport Advantages

  1. Carport Prices

    It's a 'no-brainer' that these shelters are the least expensive option for those who need additional vehicle shade or storage An economical 10x20 carport (the most common size) with valance can be had for under $200, but most are found in the $200-500 range. Enclosed tent models begin at about $400.

    Try building an equivalent for that price !

    Of course, costs rise the more shelter you need: about $2000 for a 2 car carport and up to $3000 for the largest motor home. But overall, these carports are an extremely good value, and are far less expansive than their wooden or metal counterparts

  2. Foundations And Permits

    Boat CanopyAll of the car port kits we recommend are designed to be set up without any kind of permanent slab foundation. Almost anywhere you can park your car or boat is suitable for your shelter.

    Of course, a clean and level surface will add stability. Because these are considered 'portable garages', only temporary anchors or foot pads are included. However, you should also purchase a set of permanent anchors. Different types are available, depending on whether the canopy is placed on dirt, asphalt, concrete, or gravel.

    And since a foundation is not required, and the carport garage is not attached to a permanent structure, there is usually no permit required. This is a great saver of both time and expense. But just to be safe, you should check with your local building department for their requirements.

  3. Ease and Speed of Installation

    Canopy carports can be erected faster than virtually any other type of car shelter. Except for permanent anchors, which are optional, canvas carport kits come with all the necessary parts. The framing and canvas comes pre-cut. And in many cases, the steel joints come with 'slip-fit' connections to greatly speed the assembly process.

    The typical 10x20 canopy garage takes only a few hours to assemble. Even the largest shelters can be generally be put together in a day. No digging, drilling or cutting is needed.

  4. Multiple Uses

    Canopy TentWhile protecting your car or truck is the most obvious purpose, don't overlook other possibilities. There is an extensive range of sizes to meet just about any need. How about weather protection for you ATV, lawnmower, bicycles, or garden tools ? Or use it to provide a shaded play area for the kids.

    And there are several canopies that have attractive styling suitable for outdoor parties or other events. Consider an enclosed carport tent with removable side panels, or an open canopy with a valance. A little creativity can turn an everyday vehicle shelter into an outdoor party canopy.

  5. Portability

    Easy to set up and take down, your shelter can be assembled in just a few hours. And it can be taken down just as easily as the seasons and your need changes. Then move it to a new location or store it away.

    Whether the need is for a temporary carport or long-term storage solution, this portability is probably the biggest advantage to most people. It means you'll have a great deal of flexibility and choice in how it is used and where it is setup.

There are lots of excellent quality canopy carports online, and we've done some research for you. Take a look at the following styles.


One of the best online selections of sizes and styles is found at CanopyCenter

If you'd like to investigate the free standing all-metal carports, have a look at Global Industrial

You can also
different types of vehicle shelters here. Or get more specific tips on selecting the right garage kits for your car or truck, or even RV shelters.


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