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Custom Boat Cover

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Custom Boat Cover
Buying Boat Covers For
Investment Protection

Shopping for boat covers should be the very next step after your big purchase. Even if you received one from the boat retailer, stop to consider whether it is the right fit for what you need, when/how it will be used, and in what environment.


Will it be stored under a shelter, or on open water ? Does your area have high humidity ? Will you be trailering your boat ? Will it face extremes of temperature, sun, or snow ? Will your craft be at risk for scratches or dings where it is stored ?

Each of these factors will determine the fit and fabric characteristics of the cover that's best for you. Remember that whether you own a fishing or ski boat, sail or pontoon boat, speed boat or cruiser, protecting that investment is essential.

Boat Covers Have A Tough Job

Consider your need for each of these:

1) Protection from UV rays. The sun is merciless in its attack on just about everything under it. Fiberglass hulls and vinyl upholstery and consoles take the worst beating. The rays damage and dull the gelcoat finish on fiberglass and breakdown the plasticizers that keep vinyl supple.

2) Protection from rain. Most tarp materials have at least some water repellency, and you may need more or less. Summer storage may need more air circulation, while rainy locations will need stronger water proofing treatment.

3) Protection from moisture buildup. Plastic tarps and other coverings that don't breathe, allow moisture to build up inside the boat. This breeds mildew, mold and rot. When water is allowed to stand for any amount of time, organisms breed, including bacteria that can attack parts of the boat, especially carpet, wood and vinyl. Mold and mildew actually feed on the natural fibers in carpeting and seats.

4) Protection from dirt and debris. Dirt, dust, leaves, and pollutants all damage a boat over time. They are a problem to clean out, and hold moisture, causing mold and mildew. While being trailered, boat covers can offer some protection to both the interior and exterior from flying rocks and gravel.

5) Protection from invaders. Rodents like mice and squirrels leave waste and can make meals or nests out of wire coatings, vinyl seats, carpeting or seat filling. Gulls and other birds can do that and leave behind some unpleasant reminders of their flight overhead. A well-covered boat can also hinder potential vandals and thieves. Make the inside of your boat less visible, and a little less accessible.

Whether you need a covering for winter storage, boat mooring, traveling, or towing, high-quality boat covers provide quality, lasting protection for your boat investment.


Recommended Boat Covers

JCWhitney's has a good selection of boat covers, as well as some very inexpensive polyethylene covers for v-hulls. Check out their 'Marine & Boat ' section.

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