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Portable Garages

Portable Garages: A Hot Trend
In Vehicle Shelters




Temporary garage shelters have come into their own. Gone are the days when the only garage or canopy option was the ugly sheet of fiberglass or corrugated roofing supported by heavy metal poles.

Today you can find a greater variety of canvas carports and tents, also called instant garage kits, that are both functional and attractive. But with dozens of shapes, sizes, and designs, it can be difficult to compare quality and find the right choice for your specific need.

In addition, the term 'garage' is used rather loosely and with lots of variations. There are open and closed canopies, single- and 2-car designs, mesh and solid polyethylene coverings, round and peaked roofs, and extended length. There is a canopy garage for almost any vehicle: RVs, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers.

There are lots of choices, and that's a nice problem to have. So let's simplify the options.

Portable, Yes... But Garage or Canopy ?

As the name suggests, portable garages are generally enclosed on all four sides. A heavy-duty polyethylene canvas covers the steel frame in either a uni-body construction or as panels, and extends from the roof to ground. Some versions of these garage tents have an open door and back, but a complete enclosure is the best choice for maximum protection from rain and wind

Portable Enclosed GarageAll things being equal, these fully enclosed car shelters are more suitable for heavy weather conditions because their legs have top-to-bottom canvas support.

In a different category are the car canopies. Simpler and less expensive, they resemble the traditional free-standing carport with four open sides. But instead of a flat metal or fiberglass roof, they use a canvas canopy over a peaked or rounded steel roof fame.

A portable carport with 4 open sides is a better choice for smaller spaces, since inside access will be easier and you'll avoid that cramped feeling. It is also provides sun protection during backyard gatherings, barbecues, or for work and play areas.

You can also get a car canopy that offers optional sidewalls. These not only provide more privacy, security, and weather protection, but also can transform into an sheltered place for social events..

Options In Garage Shelters

With a variety of sizes and styles, there is a canvas garage to fit almost any vehicle.

1. Single Vehicle Canopy Garages - For the average car, truck or boat, standard canopies measure 10 x 20 feet (wide and long). Height will vary between 7' and 9'. The galvanized steel frames are supported by 8 legs, and wrapped by UV-resistant polyethylene canvas. In some of the enclosed models, the side and end walls are removable for use as an open canopy - next best thing to a portable car port. Prices range from $200 - $700.

2-Car Canopy2. The 2-Car Portable Shelter - These are the extra-wide, 2-car versions of the above. They commonly measure 20'L x 22' W x 10' to the peak. At 22' wide, if you don't have a 2nd car, the extra room is perfect for added storage or work space.

3. Large Truck & Boat Garage - Offering additional room in all directions, these portables are ideal for portable boat storage, large trucks, or trailers. Widths range from 12' to 14', and lengths from 24' to 36'. Height at the peak is usually about 10'. They require 8-14 legs, tough laminated canvas, and a heavier steel frame for support. There is lots of variation in this group and prices are between $300 - $3000 depending on the length..

4. RV Garage Kits - Campers, trailers, and RVs need shelter too. There are kits that cover even the largest motor homes. They are a full 14' wide and 14' - 16' high. And even with lengths of 40 - 46 feet, these 'instant' garages can be setup in a day. Lots of steel and commercial-grade canvas is used to make these sturdy shelters, so prices will run about $1900 and up.

For a very flexible solution to your vehicle shelter or storage needs, a portable garage is certainly with a look.


Best Portable Garages

Portable Garages Top picks for durability and price are here at Global Industrial. They have a big variety of well-built shelters. Most are fully enclosed, with sizes that range from small 10x20 for single cars, to extra long and high models for mobile homes and trailers.

Shop Today Another "best" source is Canopy Center with well-made canopies that start from $200. They have a great selection, of both open and enclosed styles, their prices are among the best online

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