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Beach Shade Canopy

Shade Canopies
Should Provide Style
As Well As Sun Protection

You have a large backyard, a garden, perhaps a patio, and probably some lounging furniture. And you'd like to entertain guests at a party or social gathering. So rather than having guests huddled in a little shaded area, or lingering inside, you'd like to provide an outdoor atmosphere that adds to the decor and makes an appealing gathering place for your guests.


Or perhaps you plan to participate in an upcoming craft fair, local 'Home Show', or other community event. And you need a tent that is attractive, and roomy yet easy to setup and transport.

If you're contemplating shade canopies or screen houses, you're on the right track ! There’s nothing better on a hot day than relaxing in the cool shade.

Canopies that go up fast, appeal to the eye and withstand harsh sun are available in a mind-boggling array of creative and flexible sizes and styles.

They can be used to provide temporary shelters, product displays, shaded work areas, and a variety of other indoor and outdoor uses.

How Much Shade Do You Really Need From Your Canopy ?

It may sound unnecessary, but do give some thought to how much shade you'll really need, and at what time of day. Most common sizes range from 10 x 10' to 14 x 14', but there are smaller and larger covers to be found. And you would expect that a 10 ' x 10' tarp covering to give you 120 sq feet of shade, and a 12' x 12' would give you 144' of shade, right ? Well, think again.

Here are two very important tips to consider when evaluating your shade requirements.

    1. A small top is fine at noon, or if you need shade only for the central area under the canopy. But the lower the sun is in the sky, in morning or afternoon, the more canvas you'll need to extend your shaded area. A 10 x 10' shelter will provide much less than 100 square feet of shade at 2:00 - 3:00 pm when the afternoon heat is at its' peak.

    2. Consider how the design of the canopy affects your shade. Some structures are desined with legs that extend outward at an angle. This is great for added stability. But in this design, a 12' x 12' floor area has a somewhat smaller canvas top area. As a general rule, unless the legs are perpendicular, figure a shaded area that is 6 - 10% less than the ground area.

So the bottom line: Size Does Matter !

A Word About Fabric

Almost all canopy fabric in this class is made of polyester, treated to provide water resistance and UV protection. You should also strongly consider fire retardant fabric - probably required if you use your canopy at a faire or other community event.

But don't overlook the durability factor. Get at least 150 Denier - the higher the Denier, the more strength. weight, and therefore life expectancy of the material.


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