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Outdoor Canopy

Let An Outdoor Canopy Frame Your Backyard Living Space




An outdoor canopy can be used to provide temporary shelters, product displays, shaded work areas, and a variety of other indoor and outdoor uses. But we don't often include the outdoor canopy in our landscaping or remodeling plans.

Yet creating "backyard living spaces" is one of the hot trends in garden design and home décor. Whether your desire is for a place to host parties, or simply to sit back and enjoy a quiet place, the idea is simply to get away from it all right in your own yard. Adding the right outdoor canopy provides has a special role in creating the perfect environment.

As more people view their backyards as prime living spaces, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living areas become blurred. Even remote corners of the yard have become places of refuge and entertainment. Adding a stylish outdoor canopy for shade, and a comfortable patio chair or chaise, can make the yard a place to "be", instead of simply another pretty landscape to look at.

Of course, the backyard has always been one of our favorite places to gather with family and friends for entertaining, cooking, or just plain relaxing. And with the increasing costs of housing, land, and fuel, people are looking to create more with what they already have. With a little planning, even a small yard can become a prime living space, without the huge expense of a home add-on or renovation.

An Outdoor Canopy Can Create A Room Without Walls

The great advantage of your 'backyard room' is flexibility, and there are many ways to create a backyard 'room' that is both beautiful and functional.

Choose one of the several styles of garden canopies to fit the atmosphere and decorative style you want. If you have room, add the 'functional furnishings' such as a lovers' swing, hammock, chaise lounge, or a patio dining table. Then integrate such elements as a fountain, trellis, or special flower plantings. There is no need to fill every space - let the wide-open outdoors give a sense of roominess to even the smallest garden spot or corner.

However, you'll still need to define the edges of your 'room without walls' in order to give it a feeling of completeness. Creating a sense of enclosure with a garden or shade canopy helps tie everything together in the style and purpose that you want - all without obscuring the best views of your garden. Along with an outdoor canopy, your space can be further defined with a patio border, a bed of flowers, or decorative benches.

An outdoor canopy unifies the furniture and other items in your 'room' by creating a ceiling and a sense of defined space. It should blend into the theme and style of your landscape. And from a distance, an attractive shade canopy is also a focal point that invites anyone who sees it to approach and enjoy its' shade.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Canopy

The many colors, styles and sizes in garden canopies makes it easy to find the right choice for a specific event, or to fit naturally into the landscape design. Most are made from weather-resistant polyester, or a sturdy polyethylene material. Both types are easily cleaned and will last several years.

Whether your property is large or small, formal or informal, there is a backyard canopy size and style to fit. For the large yard, shade canopies up to 20x30 are excellent as a poolside shelter, party tent, outdoor dining area, or the centerpiece for a family or social gathering.

For the small yard or a tiny corner of a larger area, one of the popular 10x10 pop-up canopies works perfectly. It has plenty of room for a patio table and seating for 6-8 people, and can be setup and taken down in minutes when the mood or weather dictates. And without canopy sidewalls, even the smallest area will maintain that all-important open and airy look and feel.

Shade canopies don't have to be costly. You can get a cheap version at your local discount store. But this is a bit like a $2 umbrella in a rain storm - you take your chances. Like any piece of furniture, pay for quality, and you'll get much more enjoyment and longevity for your money.

There are many ways to create an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. And your "room" can easily evolve over the years as your needs and landscape changes.

By selecting the right outdoor canopy, and doing a little planning, you'll find yourself enjoying the great outdoors more than ever - right in your own backyard.

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