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Garden Shade Canopy

Canopies: Best Options For
Mobility, And Atmosphere,



The weather is warming up again, and people are thinking about and spending more time on outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for sun shelter, craft display, or a party room, there is probably a canopy style and size to meet your need.

If you've shopped for the best canopy in the past, it's worth taking another look. Prices are down, fabrics are more attractive, and styles are more varied. There are three general categories of canopies, one of which will certainly fit what you need.

Instant Canopies

Instant shelters are ideal for people who are looking for a canopy that is portable, compact, easy to set up and take down. They come pre-assembled and are ready for immediate use, and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Simply unfold the shelter like an accordion and snap into place. No ropes, wires, tools or assembly needed. They come with their own storage bag, and are small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars.

Most popup canopies have a 10' x 10' coverage area - some are larger at 10' x 12' or 12' x 15', a few as small as 5' x 5' - and are available in over a dozen colors. New designs this year are stronger, lighter and more durable. Portable pop-ups add mobility and charm to

  • Craft Displays and Hobby Booths: Define your rented space, and make your booth stand out.
  • Picnics and Backyard Events - Provide shelter for the cook or small guest tables..
  • Trade shows - A colorful and shady 'storefront' will attract visitors to your display.

Shade & Party Canopies

Styles in this group tend to be larger than the portables discussed above. These shade canopies also come in a greater variety of sizes, designs, fabric, and construction. You're bound to find one for almost any purpose. Consider a few of the many uses for these styles:

  • Party Tents: Airy and brightly colored to provide a welcome gathering place.
  • Garden Shelters: Add a shady retreat and atmosphere to any backyard.
  • Faire Canopies: A sstyle to fit almost any community festival activity or display.

In addition to shade, a stylish party tent or canopy can add flare and personality to any outdoor celebration, social gathering, or even wedding.

Vehicle Canopies

Also known as garage kits , these are open or enclosed canvas shelters that can be found to fit virtually anything on wheels. The polyethylene fabrics and steel frames are built for long exposure to the weather, and they are a very economical alternative to permanent garage structures. The most common types can be grouped into three categories:

  • All-metal Garage Kits: Stand-alone structures, made for do-it-yourself assembly.
  • Enclosed Vehicle Canopy: Complete protection for vehicles as small as an ATV, up to a 40' motorhome.
  • Open Car Canopies: Open on all sides, easy to setup and move, effective sun shelter.

Recommended Canopies

Take a look at one of the best collections of shade canopies we've seen anywhere. They have a complete range of sizes and styles, and with a bonus on shipping, the prices are excellent. You'll also find over 30 different vehicle canopies , some of which can do double-duty as an attractive shade canopy for social gatherings.

For More Information:

Still not sure if 'instant pop-ups' are for you ? A quick review of the advantages of instant canopies should help you decide if they fit your situation.

An important part of your home decor, consider how an outdoor canopy can be used to create new living space and style in your backyard.

Looking for a vehicle shelter or garage kit ? Before you buy, here is some helpful information about car canopies and portable garages.



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