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Custom Car Covers
Car Covers:
Giving Your Vehicle The Weather Protection It Needs


Adding car covers to your vehicle accessories list provides benefits that go far beyond merely keeping your favorite wheels free of dust.

Of course they provide protection from harsh weather. But a strong vehicle cover also makes a strong barrier against the subtle long-term effects of sun and pollution.

Car covers do not become obsolete just because your vehicle is kept in the garage - it is still not immune from the little scratches and dust that build up over time. Take stock of all of the ways in which your car is under attack:

  • UV radiation - The damaging effects to the surface finish is well-known.
  • Pollution - Ranks at the top, along with UV rays, as a chief cause of damage
  • Acid Rain - For those in certain parts of the country, this is also an important concern.
  • Heat - Heat build-up inside your vehicle is not only uncomfortable, but also fades and damages interior cloth, vinyl, and leather fabrics.
  • Minor scratches - Occasional scratches and chips show up out of nowhere - even when you aren't on the road.
  • Bird-droppings, debris, etc. - And anything else that detracts from good looks.

Car Covers
To The Rescue

A strong car cover will help protect the looks and value of your investment from all of the threats listed above.

Yet different fabrics offer different levels of protection, and some are better than others in protecting from a specific element, like intense UV exposure or moisture. So here are the basic characteristics to consider as you shop for a cover:

  • Moisture / Dust Barrier - All car covers will give you some basic water and dirt protection. But technology now gives you many variations to defend against the extreme elements of heavy rain, snow, airborne pollutants, and dust.
  • Mold & UV Resistant - Polypropylene and other specialty fabrics can be treated to give you a stronger barrier against mold, mildew, and damaging UV rays.
  • Breathable - Most of the outdoor car covers are breathable to some degree - air must easily circulate through and under the fabric. This helps eliminate moisture or condensation under the material, and also reduces heat build-up in the interior of the car.
  • Impact Absorption - The type and thickness of the fabric will determine how well it protects the finish from nicks, dings, and scratches.

Whether your vehicle needs a standard or custom fit, the following suppliers offer the best car covers available. If you seek the cheapest canvas or poly covering, you'll likely end up with material that can scratch your finish, or tears after the first couple years. So stick with one of the major brands listed below.

Recommended Car Covers

We've done the comparison shopping, and the best choice for both indoor and outdoor custom car covers is AutoAnything. They carry 15 different fabrics, and have the best prices we've seen on Covercraft car covers - one of the best on the market. If you aren't sure which one to choose, each cover has a rating chart that scores the material for protection from moisture, sun, snow, dust, pets, and the ability to breathe. You'll know at a glance which is the best one for your situation.

If you're on a budget, the Coverking Car Covers supplied by Drivewerks are less expensive, but still offer high quality materials that will last for years. There are 8 different fabrics for indoor and outdoor, and all are custom made for the best fit. Our choice ? The Mosom. It uses 2 layers to repel water and dirt, and a third inner layer to protect the car's finish.

A custom fit is always preferred for its' ability to protect without loose material scratching the car's finish. But there are uses for universal fit covers, and they are the least expensive of all (usually less than $100). The universal car covers at JCWhitney are made by Covercraft, and provide good protection at an excellent price.

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