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Dowco Motorcycle Cover

Your Motorcycle Cover:
You've Invested In Your Bike,
Now Protect It !


Your needs are simple: keep the bike clean, dry, and looking as close to new as possible.

For the times you store your bike in a garage, you have much less to worry about. But for the times when your bike is parked outside, whether at home or on a road trip, a motorcycle cover will keep your bike 'ready to ride' at all times.

A motorcycle cover provides protection from the damage caused by rain, sun, dirt, and pollutants. It will keep your bike dry in wet weather, and help prevent sun damage to your paint and leather seats.

Even if you store your machine indoors, a motorcycle dust cover will help keep it free of dirt, as well as provide a shield against dings and scratches.

A motorcycle cover should be viewed as an investment. And it doesn't have to be an inexpensive one.

Where to Begin

Whether for a Harley or a scooter, picking out the best motorcycle cover need not be a complicated process. Gone are the days of wrapping your bike in one of those blue tarps. They scratch windshields and paint when they flap around, and the condensation they collect underneath is not healthy for your machine.

The new cycle covers on the market are available in custom sizes to fit any bike, and are made with such protective features as UV sun protection, heat shields, non-scratching liners, and water-proof outer layers.

To begin, you'll need to decide if your bike will be stored primarily indoors or outdoors.

Indoor motorcycle covers, also called motorcycle dust covers, are limited to indoor use, and have a soft touch that will do a great job at keeping dirt off your bike without marring the paint. And they'll protect your bike from scratches and dings that inevitably occur in a crowded garage. But if you need protection from the harsh sun or rain, you'll need a cover and fabric designed specifically for the outdoors.

Of course, an outdoor motorcycle cover can also be used indoors, but an outdoor cover has a longer life against harsh weather. Not only does it provide rain protection, special coatings prevent damage from UV rays that harm the bike's finish, seat, and instrument cluster.

One additional advantage is that many outdoor cycle covers have heat-resistant lower panels allowing them to be used safely on a just-ridden-hard bike, without damage from hot engine parts fear of creating a fire hazard.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Cover

Several companies, such as Dowco, Nelson-Rigg, and Covercraft, are producers of top-quality motorcycle covers. And each has a variety of styles and sizes to fit virtually any bike on the road.

The most durable are the heavy-duty waterproof motorcycle covers, designed to protect against the toughest weather. They are made with high-density polyester, use heat sealed seams, and have aluminized heat shields that protect the cover from hot pipes and engine immediately after a ride. They often come with lockable hems, for security protection at home.

A lighter weight bike cover ise more flexible due to a less dense fabric. Some are very compact and are often sold as 'travel covers'. They can be just as weather-proof as the heavier versions, but are easier to compress into a travel pack due to their lack of a liner or heat shield.

Another type of cover is made just for summer protection from the sun's hot rays-these are known as the motorcycle half cover. They are lightweight, water-proof, and protects your bike's pint and seat from fading and cracking due to the hot sun. Even if you don't need heavy winter protection, you'll be glad that the seat isn't covered with morning dew or frost.

.The new Cycle Pockets have surged in popularity. They completely enclose the bike for full protection and fit any size of motorcycle, including a fully dressed Harley. It measures 12L x 8W feet and is made from 8-ounce polyethylene. And it costs less than most regular motorcycle covers.

Motorcycle Cover Recommendations

An excellent source is JC Whitney . In addition to top brands like Dowco, Netson-Rigg and Covercraft, they also have some very inexpensive covers that will do fine for mild weather situations

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