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RV Shelters: The Choice To Buy Or Rent Is Not Just About Price



Tired of paying monthly storage fees to shelter your RV? With public rv storage running as high as $100 per month in some places, you might want to consider a cost-effective, canopy or portable garage kit as an alternative.

You will be pleasantly surprised how economical such a solution can be. Not only will you get superior RV protection and security, a well-chosen shelter will more than pay for itself over the years.

But the choice is not just about price. A 2003 poll by the RV magazine Roaming Times showed that for most recreational vehicle owners, a canopy or garage kit was the preferred method of storage. Over 80% of people would like to keep their motorhome next to their house. And 54% said that they would like an RV garage next to their house.

With the variety and quality of storage options available online, these desires can be easily met by almost anyone who has a little bit of space.

Types Of RV Shelters

RV Canopies are often the better choice for tight spaces, since they are only about 12 ' wide, and provide easier access from the open sides. The lack of side walls also provides much greater stability in heavy wind areas. However, some have a side screen that adds added protection from sun and wind.

Sizes range up to 40' (L) x 10' to 14' peak height x 12' wide. Heavy-duty pipes are included, but ground anchors are usually optional, and strongly recommended.

RV Garage Kits include a zippered front door, solid back panel, heavy–duty frame, uni–body cover. The fabric is rip–stop and fire and UV resistant. About as sturdy as an open canopy, enclosed garages provide greater weather protection and security. But they take up a bit more space as well.

You'll find sizes ranging up to 46' long, 10 - 16' high, and typically 14' wide. The door opening is about 2' lower that the peak height. As with canopies, ground anchors are usually optional but recommended.

If you are uncertain about erecting a metal canopy or garage kit, you might also want to consider rv covers as an alternative.

Shelter Styles

Whether you prefer an overhead canopy, or fully enclosed garage, there are two variations to choose from - the dome shape, with rounded roof, and the house style with a peaked roof. Each has its own features and benefits and both will provide important protection for your rmotorhome or other recreational vehicle.

Which style is better ? The two styles are very similar in strength of weight-support in snow prone areas. However, the house style does have some increased interior space due to the straight sidewalls. If you plan to shelter two vehicles, a wider garage necessitates the use of the peaked roof, to allow for useable height at the sides.

RV shelters are a great solution for your recreational vehicle storage and protection needs.The upfront cost is often well worth the added convenience, and actually save money over the long-term costs of public storage.


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