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10'x15' PopUp Canopy

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Blue Pop Up Canopy

PopUp Canopies Are The Choice For
Portability And Quick Set-up




Pop-up canopies have universal appeal for those who want a canopy that is lightweight, easy to set up and take down, inexpensive, easy to transport, durable, and attractive. Whether you are preparing a craft booth or backyard barbeque, the last thing you want to do is spend time connecting all the pieces on a cumbersome shelter.

These canopy pop ups, also called ez up, instant, or quick shade canopies, can be erected with very little effort within just a few minutes. With some styles, the frame and legs are controlled by an accordion style slider action that eliminates the need for positioning each leg.

This also makes canopy take-down a breeze - just release the pins or locks, and close it up. Some even have telescoping legs for coping with uneven ground situations.

Portable canopies are designed for both mobility and stability. The frame is either heavy-gauge aluminum or a light-weight steel. And although they weight only about 50 pounds or so, reinforced truss bars and foot anchors make them very stable. Just keep in mind that they are not intended for use in heavy winds or harsh weather conditions.

The fabric top always stays attached to the frame, again adding to the speed and ease of setup. The most common material is 250 or 500 denier polyester which has been treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, and fire retardant.

Fire resistance is important for those using their popup canopies in fairs, craft shows, and other public events. Most communities have codes which require some level of fire resistance.

Selection Criteria For Pop Up Canopies

When selecting your popup canopy shelter, you must first consider how it will be used and which features are most important to you. Here are the most important characteristics to consider:

  • Footprint & Coverage: How much shaded area or 'wall' space do you really need? How many people will sit or work side-by-side ? Do you need additional space beyond your normal display area? Be realistic about your needs, but don’t skimp.

  • Weight & Portability: All pop-up canopies are relatively light. But even at 50 pounds, they can be too much for someone who travels alone or has physical limitations. Most popups come with storage bags and will fit in the trunk of your car. But will you need help getting it to the setup area ?

  • Strength & Durability: You can certainly buy a cheap canopy from your local discount warehouse, but I stringly recommend against it. Their portability and extra handling also means lots of extra wear and tear. Spend a few extra dollars for quality materials made by a well-known brand. An instant shade canopy that lasts only a couple seasons will be the most expnsive of all.

  • Material: Denier is a measurement the denotes the coarseness of the thread – a higher number means more strength. For the same durability reasons mentioned above, opt for the 500 Denier if possible, and pass on anything less than 250 Denier unless you plan on only a few uses. Some canopy tops have a silver UV-protective lining to reduce the temperature - a very nice option in hot climates.


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