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Do It Yourself Garage Kit
3 Alternatives to Building
A Traditional Garage
That Will Save You Both Time And Money

DIY garage kits, and other easy-setup vehicle shelters, are an inexpensive and time-saving way to provide excellent protection for cars, trucks, RVs, and other vehicles. That's a good thing, because many of us have more vehicles than we have permanent space to hold them.

The quest for more storage space seems never-ending. Fortunately, a putting up a new or prefabricated garage can do more than simply shelter your vehicle. It is also a good option if you need a special work space, or more home and garden storage. So if your space problem goes far beyond what a good reorganizing will fix, you might want to consider one of the new vehicle storage solutions on the market.


Of course, one option is to go the construction route and either expand what you have, or build a new one with one of the available home garage building kits.

This kind of construction can take considerable planning and physical labor. So If you think you might want some construction help, you can use one of the free online services that connects homeowners to qualified contractors. They take your requirements, and then send you bids from contractors in your area who are willing to assist with your project. They make the process of finding a high-quality, reliable contractor as simple as possible.

On the other hand, if you want something less expensive and a lot less complicated, here are some options to consider

'Traditional' Pre Built Garages

Prefab GarageThe new prefab garage kits on the market provide a wide range of less complicated storage solutions, from permanent structures to very functional portable car canopies. And depending on the option, the start-to-finish project can be reduced from weeks to a few days, or even hours.

Traditional in that they are considered "permanent", these kits are available in prefabricated sections that allow for easier assembly. They use heavy-duty galvanized steel framing, roof, and walls made with vinyl, metal, or wood. A concrete slab foundation may not be required, but is still a good idea. If you are trying to minimize the cost to build a garage, this is a natural choice.

Do it yourself garage kits contain almost everything you need, including plans, framing system, hardware, roofing, walls, doors, and sometimes even a window. Some pieces may still require sizing and cutting, but the overall installation is much easier than a custom structure or starting from scratch.

Although manufactured to allow do-it-yourself construction, the whole project will take several days depending on the size of the structure. And don't forget to check local building codes for specific requirements

Portable Garage In A Kit

Two Car Garage KitFully enclosed on all four sides, portable canvas garages come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit almost any vehicle, from thelittle snowmobile or ATV, all the way up to the large 40' RV shelters. There are both 1 and 2 car garage kits with lots of design and style options for each. If you need a 3 car kit, you'll need to rely on one of the prefab garages described above.

Designed for fast installation, portable garages consist of galvanized steel framing, with a simple locking mechanism that allows fast on-site assembly. Special anchors can secure the frame to different surfaces including dirt, gravel, asphalt, or concrete.

Rather than wood or vinyl siding, a UV-resistant, reinforced polyethylene fabric wraps the frame and provides excellent protection. The covering may be either a uni-body construction, or have separate side and rear panels. It may be open at one end, or use a zippered or roll-up front enclosure.

As a vehicle shelter or storage shed, they are less expensive, less hassle to put up, and can easily be moved or taken with you. But the benefits don't stop there. Take a minute to review these other important advantages .

Car Canopies

Car Canopy ShelterAlthough often found in the "car garage kits" category, the car canopy is closer to the traditional carport. Like the carport, the canopy garage uses a steel frame, and most are open on all four sides. Although this provides less weather protection, they do fit into smaller spaces than the enclosed version. Some, however, offer optional side walls, giving you more flexibility to meet your needs.

The newer models (more info here) have a good deal of variety in shape and design. As on the portable garage, the canopy material is made of heavy-duty poly canvas, and is designed to last several years. The roof will be peaked or rounded, and the top may have a valance or even a panel that drops part-way down the sides. Lengths from 10' for average cars, to over 40' for RVs and trailers.

The car canopy is the easiest to erect, and usually the least expensive of all the options. As a bonus, many are attractive enough to do double-duty as a shelter for outdoor parties and other events. So for those seeking a protective shelter at minimal cost, the canopy garages are definitely worth a look.

Find out more about the flexibility and durability of canopy garages.


Recommended Online Sources

One of the best collections of portable garages is found at CanopyCenter with attractive designs and great prices.And the quality is top-notch.

There is no greater selection of sizes than you'll find at Global Industrrial. They have very solid one and two car garage kits, as well as styles that are perfect for even the largest RVs. Quality is top-nothc and prices are among the lowest online.



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