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Truck Covers

Truck Covers, Cab Covers, And
Cab Coolers: 3 Choices In Truck Care

Truck covers may be even more important for our pickup trucks than for the family car. Unlike cars, most people tend to leave their truck outdoors all year long, exposing it to hot summer days, rain and snow in winter, and plenty of finish-damaging elements in between. Truck covers are often an after-thought, perhaps because our trucks seem 'tougher'. But their paint and interiors need as much protection as any car.

Considering the prices of many trucks, covering them with protective fabric is just as important as for any car. Truck covers are a great way to protect against UV radiation and the fine dirt particles that continually grind away at the expensive finish. They are easy to use, and fold conveniently away in minutes.

Truck covers are available in many of the same fabrics as for cars. And depending on where you park your vehicle, the selection criteria are the same.

Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust.

Styles Of Truck Covers

There are three distinct types of covers, ranging from simple poly truck tarps to more advanced cotton/vinyl blends. Unlike cars, the design of truck coverings give you a choice in how much of the vehicle you wish to shelter.

  • Full Body Truck Covers: Universal and semi-custom truck covers, providing complete bumper to bumper protection, are available in the same fabric choices as for cars. Outdoor covers provide rain, dirt, and sun protection, in a durable and breathable fabric. In more severe weather, consider one of the 3 or 4 layered fabrics for maximum protection. For indoors, a cotton flannel cover on your truck will keep it clean and help avoid dings and scratches.

  • Custom Truck Cab Covers: Custom-fit cab covers are designed to completely enclose the cab area, hood and front bumper, while leaving the truck bed uncovered. You get very dependable protection of the interior from damaging UV rays and excessive heat build-up. Plus you still have easy access to the bed. Sizes are available for small to full-size pickups, with standard or extended cabs.

  • Truck Cab Coolers: If you don't have a need to protect the outside of your truck, Cab Coolers are an excellent way to shelter the interior of the vehicle against the heat and UV rays of summer, as well as frost and snow during the winter. They are easy to install, and are held in place with hook & loop straps, usually at the door handles and under the mirrors.

With a selection of truck covers for almost any weather condition and storage situation, there's no reason to let your vehicle bear the elements. Whether you store it outside in the elements, or indoors in a climate-controlled garage, a cover is a necessity if you want to keep your finish pristine for years to come.

In the long run, the cost of even the best truck covers is minimal compared to the maintenance cost of what you are protecting.


Recommended Truck Covers

One of the biggest selections of full-body truck covers is available at AutoAnything. They have over a dozen different fabrics, and offer top quality covers from Covercraft at excellent prices. Another very good choice, high quality at slight less prices, are CoverKing fabrics supplied by Drivewerks.

If you're shopping for cab covers or cab coolers the one source most likely to carry the right fit AutoBarn. Depending on size, prices are as low as $100 for pickup cab covers, and about $75 for cab coolers. Plus, you'll often find them offering free shipping !!

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