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Custom Car Bra

Custom Car Bras
Combine Tough Protection With A Touch Of Fleece


No doubt you've heard of Covercraft car bras and masks, as well as their truck and car covers. It's a name that's been associated with quality vehicle coverings for many years.


Unlike most full car covers, custom car bras are made out of a form-fitting vinyl material, but this manufacturer also adds a soft fleece backing.

An auto bra protects your car's paint from small scratches during installation, as well as from the abrasive rubbing of the harder vinyl against the finish while driving.

While standard car covers protect your car when parked, most cars and trucks receive more damage to paint, chrome, grill, hood, and bumper simply from traveling down the road.

Custom car bras are one of the most important car care tools for vehicle owners.

Choices in Custom Car Bras

Full Front Bras - A full front custom car bra provides maximum protection by covering the bumper, the leading portion of the hood, and screening the radiator grill opening. Originally, front end covers were one-piece units. But they have evolved into today's two-piece styles that allow the hood to open without removing the bra.

Hood Deflectors - Covercraft's Deflector-Protector® is a custom hood protector with a built-in bug deflector - a very popular choice for SUVs and trucks. At the top of the hood curve the bug deflector creates a swirling wind action that divert most bugs, dirt and debris away from the windshield.

Mini Mask Car Bras - The Mini-mask, or sport-style auto bra,is an economical alternative to the full front custom bra. It provides protection to the one place that receives most of the damage from bugs and rocks - the front area before the break of a hood.

'T-Bra' Automotive Bras - Also known as the "bikini" mask, vehicle T-Bras protect the front and top of the hood with a tailored for a smoother look. This style is available for most pickups and some vans.

Key Features In A Car Bra

  • Soft, Protective Backing
    One of our favorite features, this is a soft white fleece that prevents harsh rubbing and marring of the vehicle's finish by the bra.
  • Air Intake Screens
    Screens provide extra protection for grill and radiator against bugs and debris. They are sewn into the outside of the vehicle mask so there are no loose pieces of material inside to abrade the paint surface.
  • Covered Aluminum Tabs
    Tabs allow adjustment at the fender wells as vinyl expands and contracts due to temperature. Take a look at a non- custom car bra being driven down the road and you'll see why this is important.
  • Reinforced Air Foils
    Foils prevent flapping and lift caused by all the air whipping around the front of your vehicle as it goes down the road. It's another reason for a custom fit bra - the less movement, the less rubbing against the vehicle finish.
  • Micro-Perforated Finish
    Allows the front-end bra to "breathe" so that moisture from rain and condensation can evaporate. But if a car mask becomes wet and is going to be left sitting in the sun, it should be removed to allow the flannel backing to dry properly.
  • Overlapped Seams
    Seams can split over time. Covercraft uses a strong, durable top stitch for longer life, and covers the edges with soft, non-abrasive felt-rimmed bindings.

You can't do anything about flying gravel, rocks, and other debris on the highways, but you can prepare for it. A car mask that is custom-made for your vehicle will give you years of protection and good looks.

Recommended Custom Car Bras

AutoAnything has a large selection of custom car bras from Colgan and Wolf that are top quality and worth checking out. Look for the free shipping and some great discounts.

You'll find more helpful info on other protective vehicle covers here. And if you have a motorcycle, consider these ideas and sources for excellent bike covers.


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