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RV Covers
How RV Covers Can Protect Your
Vehicle Investment

Recreational vehicle covers should be part of every RV owner's protection arsenal. Whether you are driving a motor home, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or camper truck, you have a huge investment on wheels. And for some folks, it even becomes a second home for several weeks or months out of the year.

Even if you are on the road much of the year, your rig will still sit idle for weeks at a time, exposed to damaging UV rays, wind-driven rain, tree sap, pollutants, bird droppings, dirt, and dust. You may be lucky enough to have an enclosed garage, or even a prefab canopy shelter in which to park your vehicle. But if not, one of the top quality RV covers is the next best thing.

Recreational Vehicle Covers: The 'Bottom LIne' On What To Look For

Of course, size and shape will vary according to the type of RV involved. Beyond that, there are only a few basic but important decisions to be made.

1) Vehicle Style

Protective RV coverings are available for any vehicle type on the road, in all standard sizes

  • Class A, B, or C motor homes
  • Large travel trailers
  • Small camper trailers
  • Pop-up trailers
  • 5th Wheelers
  • Truck campers

2) Standard vs.Custom Fit

Most standard-fit RV covers are made of heavy duty polypropylene material. They are inexpensive, breathable, water repellant, and will give all the protection you need if your motor home or camper is stored in a garage or under an outdoor canopy.

If you expect to have your recreational vehicle covered for several months out of the year, or exposed to extremes of weather, the extra protection from a custom fit will be well worth it. A cover that is made for a specific RV model will provide better protection because it conforms to the exact contours of the vehicle. Therefore it will keep out more dust and dirt, and will not move around or billow in the wind.

You can also get a custom cover with zippered or velcro panels for easy access to doors and storage areas. There is no need to remove the cover in order to go into and out of the vehicle. Optional air vents reduce wind lofting and further reduce inside moisture.

3) Fabric Matters

An important consideration is selecting the right type of fabric for your geographical conditions. High performance 100% polypropylene material is the most common.

Poly material is strong, water repellant, and forms a good barrier against damaging UV rays, airborne pollutants, tree sap, and bird droppings. A good fabric will also prevent interior sun fade and deterioration.

The best covers will often have triple-layer polypropylene that is stronger, and with more water repellant than standard fabrics.

All quality RV covers are “breathable,”. If it does not breathe well, unwanted moisture can get trapped against the vehicle’s finish and promote rust or discoloration of any gel-coat, paint or plastic graphics. Breathable covers will also help reduce the formation of mold and mildew and allow heat to escape, keeping interiors cooler.

Recommendationed RV Covers

Looking for 5th Wheel or Travel Trailor Covers ? These are the best of the bunch, and for the quality, are also the lowest priced.

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