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Class A RV Covers

Universal RV Covers For Class A Motorhomes: The Top 5


Universal RV covers are always less expensive than their custom-fit counterparts. But the quality of fabric and length of warranty on the best universal motorhome cover can be just as good, and in some cases better, than the more expensive custom versions.

The following Class A RV covers are the top 5 choices available online today. All are standard fit, sized in 2 foot increments ranging from 16' to 40' or more in length.

In addition to the following reviews, we offer some specific RV cover recommendations, and where to get them at the best prices.

Classic RV Covers

Among the leading RV covers we reviewed, the Classic is the most economical. It is a basic, single-layer polyethylene cover. The Classic is a water repellent, and is breathable to allow moisture and condensation to escape from underneath.

This RV cover fits motorhomes from 18' to 40' in length, 108" high, and 105" wide. A shock cord around the entire bottom keeps the cover reasonably snug to the motor home, which helps prevent flapping and billowing. You'll also get tie downs and a storage bag. And like many of the more expensive versions, it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Classic Deluxe

With its' triple layer poly material, the Classic Deluxe provides significantly more strength and durability. The three polyethylene layers provide excellent rain and UV ray protection, yet is still very breathable. The Deluxe RV covers fit Class A motor homes from 18' - 40' in length, and up to 108" high and 105" wide.

Although a standard fit cover, the Deluxe also has elasticized corners that greatly improve the overall fit and protection. Tie down cord, a storage bag, and a 3 year warranty are included.

AquaShed Covers

The AquaShed has a triple layer polyethylene top panel that repels hard driving rain and destructive UV rays. The polypropylene sides are breathable to aid the venting of moisture from under the cover. The AquaShed offers zippered side entry doors for easy entry during storage, and fits motorhomes from 16' to 40' long.

Excess fabric flapping and billowing in the wind can shorten RV cover life dramatically. But AquaShed's strap and buckle attachments stabilize the covering, and provides a more custom look. Reinforced and elasticized corners resist tears and snags, and further improve the fit. A storage bag is included, and you'll get a 2 year warranty.

Tyvek Universal RV Covers

Made by Dupont, Tyvek is a non-woven material made of high-density polyethylene, that is naturally tear- and puncture-resistant. It is used for the white top panel of this cover to reflect heat, repel rain, and filter out 99.8% of the sun's harmful UV rays. It also keeps out more than 98% of dirt and dust particles that can scratch and damage your RV's surface. The breathable polypropylene sides protects and vents moisture away from the vehicle.

Like the AquaShed, the Tyvek has strap and buckle attachments, as well as reinforced elasticized corners to provide a snug fit and resist tears. The zippered side entry doors provide easy access to the motorhome. Tyvek adds a polypropylene ladder cap to reinforce the rear panel and reduce cover wear over the ladder.

This cover fits Class A recreational vehicles from 16' to 40' long, and scales up to 102" wide and 116" tall. A storage bag and 2 year warranty are included

PolyPro III Class A Covers

The PolyPro III is the premium choice among universal RV covers. It features a triple-layer white polypropylene top, and tough polypropylene sides. Full-height zippered access panels allow complete access to door, sides and the rear. Adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a near-custom fit. Air vents reduce wind lofting and inside moisture.

The PolyPro III will cover a motor home from 18' to 42' in length. It includes a storage bag, rear ladder cap, and tie-down rope. And it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Still unsure about the best choice for you ? Then take a look at our evaluation of each RV cover.


Recommended RV Covers

JC Whitney is well-known for great service, and they also have the best pricing on Classic and Deluxe RV covers. The Classic is the least expensive option, but for a few dollars more, the Classic Deluxe will give you more years of service.

The best deals on both AquaShed and Tyvek covers are found here. The biggest advantages are durability, excellent fit, and easy-entry side door panels. The AquaShed is the lower priced of the two.

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