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The three most common choices, those made with polyethylene, cotton canvas, or vinyl mesh, are among the most versatile of all 'tools', whether it's in the backyard, on the farm, a camping trip, or in the work shop.

Because they are so adaptable, the best tarps provide excellent coverage anywhere, anytime you need a cover for protection from the elements. Nevertheless, your first consideration should be what you are protecting against.

Considering The Elements

The effectiveness of any tarp depends on how well it is suited to your particular environment.

  • Sun - Unless you want just a single season of protection, choose something that has been treated to resist the destructive effect of the sun's UV rays. Some are more naturally resistant. And the application of UV inhibitors will vary by fabric quality.

  • Rain - Water repellence is natural for all of the polyethylene, vinyl, and most of the cotton canvas on the market. But if your climate has periods of high humidity, consider those materials that are also treated to resist mildew, mold, and rot.

  • Wind - Not all materials do well in windy conditions. Use rust-free grommets and straps or tie-downs to make a snug fit on boats, machines, truck loads, or machinery.

  • Flame resistant - A tarpaulin made with polyethylene or vinyl may not readily burn. But it can still be very dangerous. If you plan to use it around a flame or high heat, get one that has been treated for flame resistance.

Considering The Material

polyethylene tarpPolyethylene - The poly tarp is the workhorse of all tarpaulins, and it is a good all-purpose cover for construction, camping, or backyard.

It can be found everywhere, and in a wide range ofprices. If you are simply looking for a cheap tarp, then check your local hardware store. But if you need a specific size, or more durability, or even a certain color, then there are several good online sources that sell quality material at very good prices

- All things being equal, they are the least expensive of all.
- More color and size options than any other.
- All polyethylene tarps are waterproof


- Tend to become brittle in very cold weather,
- Without UV treatment, they can disintegrate over time, in intense sunshine
- Not intended for long-term use, so not as durable as other fabrics

Have a look at some of the material choices, and a selection of the best online suppliers here

Vinyl mesh tarpVinyl Mesh - Designed with an open weave to allow filtered sunlight and air to flow, most mesh tarps are used as shade cloth for light protection from sun and wind. For this purpose they are offered in various degress of 'shadiness'. But they are strong too, and many are used as trailer and dump truck covers, as well as pool covers.

Material is usually a polyester core, laminated or coated with vinyl or PVC. The coated versions are usually more durable.

- Well-made mesh fabric will last several years.
- Strong fabric, mildew, and rot resistant
- More tear resistant than poly or canvas in strong wind conditions.


- May or may not be UV protected.
- Lost of weave and fabric choices can be confusing

Get more information on construction, and where to get the best material.

Tan CanvasDuck Canvas - A good quality canvas tarp is made of heavy-duty cotton material, and has a multitude of uses. Its' softer texture makes it a good choice for tents, equipment covers, and canopies. Everyone will recognize them as the standard for painter's drop cloths.

Can be treated to be water repellent, as well as flame, mildew, rot, UV resistant. But they must be cleaned periodically in order to maintain their protective properties. Typically found in tan, brown, and olive green.

- A very strong, yet light and easy-to-handle fabric.
- Natural cotton fiber make them very environmentally friendly
- Naturally breathable, unless treated to be waterproof

- Must be specially treated to make it sufficiently water repellent and flame resistant.
- Even when treated, can be prone to mildew and rot. Not normally treated for UV protection

Read more about canvas tarps, and get recommendations for top suppliers

There are lots of sources for tarps. Whatever material you choose, be sure to pick a reputable supplier that a major presence online. Get more detail in the sections described above. Or visit three of our recommended suppliers.


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