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Camoflouge 'Woodlands'

Camo Tarps: When You Don't Want To Stand Out In A Crowd !

Although similar in fabric construction, tarps in shades of green, tan, and brown are a great alternative to those bright blue versions that seem to be everywhere. They are just as effective at providing protection, but they are perfect when you want something that blends into the natural surroundings, keeping everything looking as natural as possible.


Best Uses

Also called military tarps because the camouflage fabric was first designed to hide and protect during combat. Interestingly, those who enjoy the sport of paintball also appreciate the ability of the tan, brown and green tarp patterns to make them less visible to others.

But the most common uses are by outdoorsman for camping, fishing, and hunting.

They are often used by hunters to help them blend in to the woodland or desert environment, and to provide a protective waterproof shelter for hunting blinds. Campers enjoy them because they are a lightweight way to add protection to tents and camping gear, as a ground cover, or a shade canopy.

For many hikers and backpackers, a camouflage pattern is the top choice for tent shelters and because they detract less from the natural beauty of the environment. It can be used as a ground cover, or to provide additional storm protection for the tent. And used as a lean-to, it is a very inexpensive option to a camoflage tent.

You can read more about tarp shelters here.

For the average consumer, the brown or green design offers a much more natural and inconspicuous look around the home or yard. A camo tarp is a great choice to cover seldom used motor vehicles or motorcycles, the wood or compost pile, garden equipment, outdoor furniture, and more.

.How Durable Are They ?

Mossy Brown Military TarpCamouflage tarps are manufactured from tough high density woven polyethylene or nylon, laminated to make them strong, tear resistant, and mildew and water proof. They are lightweight, easy to handle, rot proof, shrink proof, and are usually treated to resist UV damage.

There are not quite as many size choices as some other poly tarpaulins, but you'll find plenty in sizes from 6x8 to 30x50.

These tarps are made of two different colors of polyethylene on opposite sides of the fabric. Brown tarps, such as the one on the left, will have a solid brown on one side, and the tan and brown patterns on the other. These are sometimes called mossy oak tarps.

The other common color choice is a "woodlands" design. The is a basic green tarp with a solid dark green on one side and various shades of green on the other. You can choose from a standard grade for the light uses or heavy duty grade for when you need something extremely strong and durable. Depending on your need, you'll see these tarps graded by weight and /or thickness

- 10 x 8 weave for maximum wear and weather protection
- Fabric is typically 5-7 mil thick, 3-4 oz per sq. yard
- Rust proof grommets approximately every 2-3 feet on all sides
- Heat sealed seams, rope reinforced hems
- Mildew and waterproof


Recommended Online Sources

We like the earthy tones and quality of tarps at GI .Just type in "camouflage tarps" in the site search box, for sizes from 6x8 all the way up to 15x30. They are made for durability, with high-density polyethylene, 3.3 oz per sq foot, and 6-7 mil thick.

Another supplier is ToolKing which offers green and brown military tarps in sizes from 8x10 to 12x16. Although not in the traditional camouflage pattern, they also have a number of brown and green reversible designs that are great choices for camping, hunting or boating.

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