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Tarp Repair:
Adding Or Fixing A Grommet Is Easy !

Tarp repair and good maintenance is usually not the highest priority for most people. Quality tarps and canopies will last several years, but eventually you'll realize that grommets are the weakest link in your material. When one or two of these fail, it may not be a problem. But sooner or later, grommet failure will send you looking for a replacement - or a quick technique for tarp repair.

So if you do lose a grommet in the line of duty, there is a nifty little repair you can employ. It relies on the tarp or canopy material having sufficient flexibility, as well as just a little more slack. It's a temporary fix, but it works great in an emergency.

Tarp Repair On The Fly !

1) Find a small rock or other smooth object about twice the size of the retired grommet, and place it at the point of failure.

2) Gather the tarp around the rock, completely wrapping it. If the fabric seems weak at that point, you can roll it into two layers.

3) At the gathering point, tie the material firmly with rope, or whatever you are using to attach the tarp to it's support. Take up slack in the rope to reposition the canopy or tarp as needed.

This technique is great for hikers and backpackers who rely on lightweight tarp shelters, and have the need for quick repair. And it can be used when additional grommets are needed to do the job. But doing so, be careful not to apply too much tension to the add-on. Other wise you risk tearing the material.

Grommets will inevitably fail at the worst time. So keep this little tarp repair trick in mind, and you'll probably be able to get through the day. Then take a look at at some of our recommendations for your replacement :)


'Permanent' Grommet Repair

If you are not in an 'emergency' situation, and you have the time to do the tarp repair correctly, there are some very good an inexpensive tools.

For fabric tears, tarp repair tape can be used to patch a hole, join two tarps together, or to simply reinforce stress points. And it works well on tents on your vehicle or boat tarp covers.

There is also a nice little kit that lets you easily replace torn grommets. Or you can use it to add grommets in areas that need more support - the more grommets that are used, the less stress on any sinlge part of the tarp.


Recommended Tarp Repair Kits

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