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Party Tents & Backyard Party Canopies Can Provide The Right Atmosphere For Any Event


Party tents are extremely versatile shelters for outdoor and backyard events. Whether you want to brighten up a backyard birthday party, graduation celebration, block party, an outdoor wedding/reception, or simply a festive get-together picnic with friends and family, a party tent will make it special !

Colorful party tents can instantly create an atmosphere of fun, as well as provide decorative flair to an otherwise mediocre environment. From a quaint retirement gathering, to a full-sized festival tent at the county fairgrounds, there is a fitting size, color, and style.

These party tents have high-grade steel frames that lock together securely and will not wobble or sway. The polyethylene covers provide welcomed shade from the sun and add a touch of elegance to any outdoor event. The polyethylene carries a fire safety rating of CPAI-84 to provide a safe environment for your friends and family. Easy and quick assembly means going from setup to party in no time.

Types Of Party Tents

There are three general types of garden party tents and canopies that are especially suited for entertaining. Although you can find them as small as 8' x 8', the 10' x 10' and up sizes are more common. At a minimum, you'll have 64 square feet of space, which can easily seat 8 people, or provide shade for a nice intimate gathering.

    1. Pop-Up Canopies - Although smallest of all canopies, a pop-up canopy is perfect for defining a focal point such as a BBQ, bar, display, or food table. It is also a great way to highlight a special eating area. Major benefits include easy to transport and quick setup. And with their light structure, these pop-ups will not overwhelm a small yard. They are inexpensive, and the tarp coverings come in over a dozen colors to match almost any decorative theme.

    2. Open Party Canopy - Slightly larger than the pop-ups, these open canopies range from 10' x 10' on up. But your design choices here go well beyond the simple rectangle of the pop-up tents. The many variations in design, shape, and color add a great deal more creativity and style to your gathering.

    3. Garden Party Tent - For style and elegance, a garden party tent canopy takes center stage. It fits in with casual parties, or more formal gatherings. For this reason, it's very popular for outdoor wedding receptions and evening events. It comes in several colors, but its' most distinguishing feature is mesh curtains (sometimes optional). These are attractively tied at the corners, and can be unfolded and zipped together to form airy sidewalls. This is perfect for additional wind, insect, and sun protection.

    4. Walled Party Tents - Another option for outdoor parties and events, enclosed canopies create a protection from wind and rain, and can also give a sense of intimacy to a small group. The walled party tents usually feature a white cover, peaked in the center for maximum height in the center, with material from the crown to the ground on all four sides. This style provides maximum sun protection, and is especially effective at shielding guests and food from the wind.

      Most styles come with one or more clear plastic windows for maximum light and viewing. And the sidewalls are easily removed when weather changes, or simply to allow people to move about freely. The most common size, 10' x 10', provides plenty of room to set up a few tables or an improvised dance floor. This is another good choice for a barbecue, family reunion, or neighborhood picnic.

Any of these party tents are easy to assemble. The larger ones can be viewed as 'semi-permanent', and are great to have around for those times when a little shade and seclusion are needed. These canopies provide durability and high quality, and you can use them again and again.



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