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Car Shelter

Looking For A Low Cost and Versatile Vehicle Storage Alternative ?


You've made an investment in your auto, truck, or RV, and you know the value of protecting it from dirt and harsh weather. Of course, a traditional garage is the most effective protection there is. But if you are lacking a garage, or sufficient space in one, a canvas shelter is a excellent alternative.

Durable and easy to set up, a car canopy in a gable or flat roof design is a simple way shade your vehicle from finish-dulling UV rays, bird droppings, and tree sap. It also protects from moisture damage by keeping out rain, snow, and ice

And how about keeping that ugly yellow film of spring-time pollen away ?? But don't stop there !

Car Canopy Design Choices

10x20 Carport CanopyAlso called canopy car ports, or car tents, you'll find a size and style to fit almost any requirement. For single-car needs, the 10x20 is the most common. Smaller sizes are available for snowmobiles, motorcycles, and garden equipment. And there are canopy garages that that reach up to 40' in length for boats and motor homes.

Here is a photo of a 10x20 steel frame, with a 9.5' height at the peak. The covering is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, triple-layer polyethylene.

Weather is an important consideration in the type of shelter you choose. Except during heavy winds and very heavy snow, most types can be used year-round. But for areas with harsh weather, an open-sided design may be ineffective.

If weather is a factor, optional heavy-duty canvas side panels and a zippered door, can turn your auto shade canopy into a fully enclosed car tent design that will provide you with very effective protection against wind-blown dirt, rain and snow.

Canopy Carport Components

Fabric: Unlike traditional carports that use fiberglass or steel coverings, the best canopy covers are made of layers of laminated polyethylene or vinyl-poly blends(similar to heavy duty poly tarps). They are usually 7-12 oz in weight, and measure 12-24 mil in thickness.

Obviously, a steel top has more load capacity and a longer life. But a cover of tough polyethylene material is surprisingly durable, and at a much lower price. Poly has a rip-stop weave the reduces the chance of tearing and puncturing and is treated to be waterproof, mildew and UV resistant for a longer life. Some shade fabric is flame-resistant, and meets California fire code CPIA-84.

12x24 Auto CanopyFrame: Canopy shelters are supported by 6-8 steel legs, or more, depending on shelter length The frames are usually heavy-duty (15-22 gauge) powder-coated or galvanized steel. to prevent corrosion and rust. A few are made of aluminum, which are lighter, but also more expensive. Some carport frames are constructed using metal rivets at the connection points, while others have been engineered with sophisticated lock and reinforcement features. Arch supports are provided every 4-5 feet.

An alternative to the typical straight-leg models, the vehicle canopy to the left uses a 7-rib frame design and bolt hardware at each connection to create greater stability, and thus provides stronger support in windy or heavy snow areas. The canvas covering is rip-stop, 100% waterproof polyethylene that slides easily over the steel frame.

Anchors: A permanent anchor system is not included with most portable car canopies. Auger anchors are the most common choice, and there are a couple different types depending on where you intend to erect your vehicle shelter. If you need the additional stability, choose an anchor kit that is appropriate for the canopy location - on dirt, asphalt, wood, gravel, or concrete..

Choosing the right shelter will keep your vehicle looking clean and well-maintained far longer than those that are stored outside

Recommended Online Sources

As with anything, the quality of materials will be reflected in its' price. We highly recommend these two online sources for their very good prices and willingness to back up what they sell.

The CanopyCenter has an excellent selection of portable canopies. You'll find options for cars and trucks, SUVs, RVs, and even two-car garages.

Also take a look at both the selection offered by Global Industrial These are built for stability and long life.


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