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Tyvek RV Cover


RV Cover Recommendations: Choosing The Right Universal Cover For Your Motorhome


If you've read the other reviews of RV covers, you'll be ready to weigh the benefits of each and decide on which RV cover is right for your Class A recreational vehicle, your climate, and your budget.

The Classic RV Cover

Summary Recommendation: This is an entry-level RV cover best suited for tight budgets and moderate climates. Although the Classic is the least expensive choice, that doesn't mean it's paper-thin and flimsy. It is very light weight, weighing 22-32 lbs depending on size - about 10lbs lighter than the thicker models of the same size.

The single-layer RV covers will not last as long as the heavier multi-layer versions. However, most other basic covers have only a 1 year warranty. The Classic offers 2 full years.

As long as you don't need to protect your motorhome in seasons of winter snows and intense summer sun, the Classic it should give you very good service. And with a 2 year warranty, the price is hard to beat.

Sample of sizes and comparison prices:
18' - 20' - $120
30' - 33' - $170
24' - 28' - $150
37' - 40' - $190

Classic Deluxe

Summary Recommendation: The Deluxe RV cover is identical to the Classic except that it has a triple layer construction of polyethylene. The added thickness gives it significantly more strength and durability.

So the Deluxe is a better choice for a longer life in climates with longer exposure to harsh sun, rain, and heat. The 3 year warranty is a bonus, and is longer than many other motorhome covers in this price range.

Sample of sizes and comparison prices:
18' - 20' - $200
30' - 33' - $270
24' - 28' - $230
37' - 40' - $300

AquaShed Covers

Summary Recommendation: Compared to the other mid-priced covers (Deluxe and Tyvek), the AquaShed is our first choice RV cover. It's less expensive with similar features than Tyvek. And although it is a few dollars more than the Deluxe, you'll get much more for the money.

On most Class A motor homes, the AquaShed offers a zippered side entry door for easy entry during periods of storage - this alone is well worth the few additional dollars. Plus, important contouring features provide better protection and a much better fit.

Although it has a 2 year instead of 3 year warranty, the snug fit from the straps and elastic corners will give these motorhome covers a longer life. It's best suited for moderate to harsh climates.

Sample of sizes and comparison prices:
16' - 19' - $206
30' - 33' - $305
24' - 28' - $260
37' - 40' - $350

The Tyvek RV Cover

Summary Recommendation: Made by Dupont, Tyvek is the same material used in high-performance car covers. It is very light-weight compared to other Class A RV covers that typically weigh 30-45 lbs.

Tyvek's ability to block 99% of damaging UV rays will help prevent fading of interior and exterior surfaces, and keep your coach cooler during hot weather - a very important factor for motor homes in the intense sun of the south and southwestern states.

This is a top quality product, but with the same features and lower prices, the AquaShed is a better choice.

Sample of sizes and comparison prices:
16' - 19' - $269
30' - 33' - $379
24' - 28' - $319
37' - 40' - $439

PolyPro III Class A Covers

Summary Recommendation: The PolyPro III is the highest priced among universal-fit RV covers, but you'll also get a lot for the money. It's the next best thing to a fully custom-fit RV cover.

Like the AquaShed and Tyvek, it has a triple-layer, reflective white polypropylene top, and breathable polypropylene sides. But the PolyPro also has full-height zippered panels for complete access to door, sides and rear. In addition to the elasticized corners, the adjustable front and rear tension panels make it the next best thing to a custom RV cover. Air vents reduce wind lofting and inside moisture.

This is one of the best universal motorhome covers made, and will protect your Class A coach in the harshest weather. And we really like the 3-year warranty !

Sample of sizes and comparison prices:
18' - 20' - $380
30' - 33' - $480
24' - 28' - $430
37' - 40' - $530


Regardless of the level of protection you feel is best for your situation, do make the commitment to shelter your recreational vehicle this season. In the long run, even the most expensive RV cover pales to what you are protecting.


Recommended RV Cover Sources

The best prices on Classic and Deluxe RV covers is found at JC Whitney. Their service is excellent, and they are currently offering free shipping. The Classic is the low cost option, but the Classic Deluxe will give you more years of service.

You can find both the AquaShed and Tyvek covers here. Their biggest advantages are durability, excellent fit, and easy-entry side door panels. The AquaShed is the lower priced of the two.

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