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Sunbrella Custom Car Cover

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Weathershield Car Cover

Custom Car Covers For Extreme Weather

Custom car covers come in a whole range of fabric types and styles to accommodate all possible requirements, from indoor dust protection to outdoor extremes of rain, sun, and heat. So before you buy, you should be clear about the level and type of protection you are seeking. Read on, and we'll help sort out the options, and point you to the best sources and prices for top-rated custom car covers.


A custom car cover is the first priority if you seek the best protection possible. The best covers are custom made to fit the exact year, make, and model of your car.

The snug, tailored fit keeps out more harmful elements, and makes them more stable during heavy wind and storms than a standard vehicle cover. Less fabric movement also means much less abrasion against the finish of your car.

Car Cover Qualities For Extreme Weather

Among custom-fit covers for cars and trucks, there are three types of fabric protection that should be considered, and matched to your specific weather environment: water resistance, sun protection, and 'breatheability'.

Water & Snow Resistance: The tight fit of a custom cover is especially effective made at keeping out wind-driven rain, and heavy snows. Clean rain water itself (not acid rain) won't hurt a vehicle's finish - it's the pollutants and dirt that get through the fabric that cause damage. Keeping the car as dry as possible will keep it cleaner and fresher looking.

UV/Heat Protection: There's nothing like the intense summer sun to fade paint, and destroy the plastic and vinyl of your car or truck interior. This is a special problem for those in the sun belt, and others who's vehicles are exposed to long days of sun and heat.

Breathable Fabric: Vehicle covers that breathes to let moisture or condensation escape from under the cover, are extremely important in areas of high humidity, or long periods of wet weather. Even without rain, condensation can build up under a cover. A fabric that breathes also reduces heat build-up on hot days.

Custom Car Covers: The Top 5

There is no better car cover for moisture and snow protection. Made by Covercraft, Weathershield is constructed with a polymer impregnated woven polyester fabric, and is 98% water repellant. Weathershield® car covers are the lightest of the five covers reviewed here, and folds into a 1' x 1' bundle for easy storage. It is just as good for UV protection as for water repellency. The Weathershield HD is a high Density (HD) version of the standard, and is even better for vehicles in intense-sun climates and coastlines.

The Stormproof car cover uses a unique material from Japan: a woven microscopic yarn that is both highly water repellant, fade resistant, and forms an excellent barrier to UV rays. We give it a 'Top 5" status because the material has no chemical or fiber coatings to wear off. Therefore the Stormproof will provide the same level of protection throughout its life. The material is very soft on the car's finish, and comes with a 4 year warranty.

This is also a very lightweight custom car cover, that provides a tough shield against rain and UV radiation. It has a shimmering metallic surface that looks great, repels heat, and makes water bead up like a fresh wax job. The 150-denier polyester is the same material used on many outdoor canopies, and is reinforced with polyurethane and acrylic coatings. But the most compelling reason to consider the Quicksilver : a lifetime warranty.

The acrylic fabric of Sunbrella car covers are naturally UV resistant, and very durable under long seasons of harsh sun. It is a premium fabric that is often used for awnings, patio furniture, and marine covers. But a Sunbrella car cover will also give you excellent protection from water and snow. And although it is the most expensive choice, you'll get a 5 year warranty. Under intense heat and sun, Sunbrella will outlast almost any other material.

Another custom vehicle cover, the Ultraguard, uses two outer layers of woven polyester to shield a car from both rain and UV radiation. And it is fully breathable. A soft inner lining adds a gentle touch to the car's finish. Includes antennae grommet, mirror pockets, and good wheel coverage. This car cover has a 4 year warranty.

Recommended Custom Car Covers

And now the winners..... and where to find them !

Best for Rain and Snow Protection: The Weathershield car cover (and Weathershield HD), along with the Stormproof by Coverking, are the top choices for keeping moisture away from your car or truck.

Best for Heat and UV Protection: Sunbrella car covers lead the pack for protection and durability, followed closely by Quicksilver and Weathershield HD .

Most Breathable Fabric: The Ultraguard, Sunbrella, and Stormproof covers have the most breathable fabric, and are the first choice anywhere humidity or dew condensation is a problem.

Overall Lowest Price: Among the five car covers reviewed here, the Quicksilver and Stormproof custom fit covers offer the best overall protection, at the lowest prices.

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