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Instant Garage

The Instant Garage: A Quick and Easy Solution To Your Auto Storage Needs

Sales of instant car shelters and canopies have exploded in the past couple of years, primarily among those who have a need for additional outdoor vehicle storage or a utility shelter, but who don't want the aggravation and cost of erecting a permanent building.


Certainly, one of the big reasons people choose an instant car garage over a permanent structure is cost savings.

High quality pop up shelters available for $200-400. A fully enclosed fabric garage goes for $400 and up. Even the largest sheltor models, designed to completely enclose your motor home, are far less expensive than almost any comparable fixed structure.

Yet speed and flexibility is the name of the game for most buyers.

So What's Makes Instant Garages.... "Instant" ?

You can call it a pop up garage. But no, it doesn't simply open itself up like an umbrella. It is, however, designed to provide reasonably quick and easy setup, with a minimumor preparation.

Portable StorageEasy Setup: If you have a helper, a standard size 10x20 shelter can be completely assembled in a few hours. Even the largest RV canopies can be erected in a day.

Convenience: Every canvas garage kit comes with all the necessary assembly parts. Unless you want to make it a permanent part of your landscape, there is no need for a foundation, and no attachment to a permanent building.

Portability: In addition to easy setup, you now have a portable car shelter that can be disassembled and moved just as quickly, giving you a 'garage in a box'. Move it whenever circumstances require, or take it with you when you leave.

How About A Little Creativity ?

The portability, along with easy setup and take-down, lets you turn your shelter into much more than just a temporary garage. The options are limited only by your imagination, so consider the following:

  • A shed to store tools or garden equipment
  • A work or hobby shop
  • Winter protection for your boat or other recreational vehicle
  • Greenhouse or garden work area
  • Bicycle or motorcycle storage

But consider it a place for people too. Today's carport canopies have become an attractive and functional place for family and friends to gather when protection from the rain or hot sun is needed.

What About Durability ?

Today's fabric garages are produced with stronger materials, and lighter but sturdy frames. Of course they do not have the structural strength of a permanent building. But here 3 areas to consider in making your selection.

Durable Shelter Frame: The frames in almost all canopies are heavy-duty galvanized or powder-coated steel, and measure 1 3/8 to 2 inches in diameter. Even the smallest frames are 20 gauge steel, and some go as heavy as 15 gauge. Frames are durable, rust-resistant, and will probably last longer than you'll own the shelter.

Fabric: The canvas cover is a strong polyethylene material, with a double or triple vinyl laminate that resists extreme weather, pollution, and UV damage. Even the least expensive coverings are made with 6oz poly material, and should give you several good years of service. Canopy garages made with the heavier grade 10 oz rip-stop polyethylene canvas are even stronger. This is almost 2x the weight of premium silver poly tarps, and will last many more years.

Anchor Kits: Temporary anchors or foot pads are usually included. But you'll add much greater stability and longer life by also ordering a set of permanent anchors. Whichever shelter you choose, always opt for the hook or clamp auger anchors.

Instant garage kits are often viewed as temporary garage storage, but they are also built for long term use. Many people buy one for their car, only to find themselves still using it in other ways, for many years.


More About Instant Shelters

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