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Patio Canopy

10 Great Things About Patio Shade Canopies That You May Not Have Thought Of


Most of the advantages of patio shade canopies are obvious. They add atmosphere, and they make a nice sun shelter in hot weather.


If you haven't quite made up your mind and want a few more points in the 'let's do it' column, consider the following. Then take a look at some specific suggestions in the Canopies section.

Or if you already have a backyard patio tent, just regard these as 'bonus benefits'.

More Reasons To Own A Patio Shade Canopy

1. Furniture protection: A shady retreat protects the wood and fabric on patio benches, tables, and chairs. By preventing fading and drying that comes with exposure to sunlight, you'll add years to the life of your outdoor furniture.

2. Affordability: Prices vary, but even the best canvas gazebos and covers are relatively inexpensive. A room size 12' x 12' shelter offers much more shaded area than the largest patio umbrellas. Yet it costs much less than the smallest wood gazebo or patio awning.

3. Your personal get-away: Thinking only of social events and parties ? Then you're missing out ! Add a patio swing or hammock, and let your shelter define a shady garden retreat. Create an inviting atmosphere with a few item of patio decor. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the feeling of quiet and relaxation you can create.

4. Health protection: It's about more than just comfort.The health dangers of too much sun are well-known, but a good shade cover will provide 99% protection from harmful UV rays. Add a little health protection for those you care about - your friends, children, and the elderly.

5. More uses: A shade canopy, in effect, adds a patio 'room' to your house and property. You'll get far more use from your yard under more conditions because you'll find more reasons to enjoy to enjoy time out of doors.

6. More shade and stability: Patio umbrellas are nice and they have their place. But garden shelters are much larger, and give you much greater sheltered space. A typical 10' x 10' canopy provides more room for furniture and guests underneath. And they're not nearly as susceptible to being blown over by the wind.

7. Less daunted by weather: A shelter or tent puts you more in control of your outdoor activities, by minimizing the effects of weather. No need to cancel that BBQ or rush inside out of that unexpected rain or harsh sun. With UV protection and a waterproof fabric, unexpected heat, glare, or rain will have less impact on your planned activity.

8. Variety of choices: There are many variations in frame shape and size, canvas design, and overall function. From the beach to the backyard, for the barbecue or wedding, you should have no problem finding the right choice.

9. Extend the outdoor season: Set-up is simple and quick with the many pop-up and portable canopies on the market. But consider extending the season of your outdoor activates by using an aluminum or steel canopy as a semi permanent structure. Sidewalls that can be closed or tied open provide more flexibility for seasonal changes, so you'll be able to do more no matter what the weather.

10. Beauty and style: Finally, don't forget the beauty these structures can bring to your yard. With a little thought to design, your canvas shelter can enhance any outdoor decor. It can even be a focal point. There are different colors and canvas fabric patterns available. Design styles include the sleek and modern, old-fashioned, festive, graceful, and even formal.

If you're shopping for patio shade canopies, just a couple of these benefits will make it one of the most important pieces of your backyard decor. Now go see some recommendations in the section on Canopies.


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