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Is A Car Cover Really Worth The Cost ?


Often times you see some of the most expensive cars on the planet sitting outside day-after-day without using a car cover. That could be equated with just leaving your money outside for the wind to blow away. Why? Because every time an uncovered vehicle is exposed to environmental elements it receives damage.


The environment is not your vehicles' friend. And whether your car costs $12,000 or $120,000 dollars makes no difference to Mother Nature. She is indiscriminate in her attack. However, there is much you can do to make it more difficult for her to erode your investment. A relatively small investment in a quality car cover, chosen to match the environment, can more than pay for itself.

Don't forget your car is exactly that - an investment. In fact, for most people it's the single largest investment after their homes. Protect your investment by reducing the amount of time that your vehicle is actually exposed to the sun. If the parking lot at work offers covered parking then use it, even if you have to pay extra to do so.

Covered parking not available? Then create your own by using a car cover. Donning an all-weather car-cover is the next best thing to covered parking. When you know that you will be exposing your car to the elements for an extended time - cover your car up.

Today's car covers no longer take several minutes to put-on. They are designed using advanced computer drafting software, and typically can be put-on in less than a minute. Custom car covers (designed to snugly fit your specific vehicle) offer the best protection.

Vehicle cover fabrics are made for different kinds of protection. Are you looking for an all-season cover? Is your vehicle exposed to snow? Do you store your car indoors ?

Even a vehicle stored indoors will benefit from a 100% cotton cover just to keep fine dust off. But anything other than garage usage requires a rugged outdoor vehicle cover such as Coverking Mosom.

Covers that seal-up your car like a giant Ziploc are not a good idea. Keeping food airtight and sealed helps preserve it. Not so with a your automobile, SUV, or truck. The most effective car covers offer protection from the elements but are also highly breathable to allow heat and moisture to escape from the car surface.

Protection from a car or truck cover is not just limited to the exterior of your vehicle. A quality covering also protects the interior vinyl, fabric, or leather from fading, cracking, and deteriorating. Think of it as a Dash Mat for your entire car.

Is a car cover worth it ? If you understand the importance of protecting the investment in your vehicle, then the answer is an absolute "Yes".

Recommended Car Covers

An excellent source for either an indoor and outdoor car cover is DriveWerks. They even have a "Car Care Wizard" that help you choose the cover that is best suited for your car or truck.

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