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A Prefab Garage Kit Is An Option
Worth Considering

If you're looking to put up a "traditional" wood or metal garage, you might want to consider one of the prefab garage kits that are available from some larger online sources.

These kits contain everything from plans to roofing, and simplify everything from the permit process to the actual construction. The only thing not included is the foundation. But this can still be a serious construction project, and may be a little intimidating for the beginning carpenter.

If you're thinking that this might be a bigger and more expensive project than you'd like to undertake, then take heart. A wide range of portable storage solutions, from portable shelters to a pre-built garage in a kit, are available to make your job easier and less expensive than you imagined.

An Alternative To 'Permanent' Garage Kits

If you are looking for a faster, easier, and much less less expensive alternative to a traditional garage, then consider one of the portable prefabricated garage kits.

They come in a variety of sizes, and can be assembled in a day with a minimal number of tools. They require no slab, and include all the materials to build a prefab shelter anywhere. And since they are not a permanent structure, in most areas they don't even require a building permit.

The garage structure consists of aluminum or galvanized steel framing poles for the sides, and curved or pitched ones for the roof. The poles slip together with a simple locking mechanism for fast assembly.

Once the frame is assembled on the desired spot, special tie-down anchors secure the frame to the ground. The anchors, which either screw into the ground or are driven into place, have a surprising amount of strength.

The frame is covered with a special UV-resistant, reinforced cover that offers excellent protection from the elements. Garages may be open on one end, or may be equipped with a roll-up door of the same material.

Why waste time on construction? Prefab garages are quick and easy to set up, and will accommodate any vehicle. Take a look at the choices and you'll probably find one that meets your specific need and environment.


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