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Rubber Tarp Straps: Don't Leave Home Without Your Tie-downs !


Tarp straps, also known as "tarp tie-downs", are in important tool in helping to keep cargo and tarps in place. They are ideal for use on the tarps used to cover vehicles, machinery, boats, and truck loads.

The least expensive versions are a basic rubber construction. These are strong, but eventually weaken due to the effects of pollution. Straps and tie downs are inexpensive, and for just a few cents more you'll get longer lasting tool.

The best on the market are heavy-duty EPDM rubber tarp straps. EPDM is a special compound of natural and synthetic rubber that produces a stronger more durable material.

It resists corrision from pollution and ozone that destroys most kinds of rubber. And it is engineered not to rot, crack, or lose its' elastic stretch ability even with extensive exposure to the sun or rain.

The forged steel "S" hooks on both ends will not bend or break under normal use.

Straps can found bough individually , or in packages of 10 or more. Common lengths go from 19 to 45 inches. Keep in mind that the elasticity can add another 3-4 inches to the length.


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