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Blue Polyethylene Tarp

More About Poly Tarps -
Direct From a Tarp Supplier

A Guest Article


In this article, one of the leading US tarp suppliers provides interesting and helpful info to those looking for buy a poly tarp online. While most of us think of the cheap tarps found in most hardware stores, there are actually more variety than that.

In addition to the ever-present silver and blue, there are green, yellow, even camouflage and white tarps.


The modern poly tarpaulin that is sold in the United States are all imported from the far East mainly from China, although Vietnam and India are now large producers. The majority of material is manufactured in South Korea, and is then exported to the countries mentioned above and fabricated into fully waterproof tarps.

A large amount of the workers that produce polyethylene tarps are aged from 16 to 30, work long hours in medium size factories. Although manufacturing is mechanized, a lot of the work is done by the factory operatives. For example, the hems and grommets are usually made by hand. Most of the factories are situated in Qingdao Northern China. The tarps are stuffed into 40ft containers transported to the port where they are shipped all over the world.

Blue poly tarps are made with three layers of polyethylene material. The main body of the tarp is made from strips of high density woven polyethylene which is woven into a sheet. This is done in a special weaving machine and then coated on both sides with low density polyethylene to around 30 microns. The coating is then colored, and can be any color requested. However the most common in the USA is blue.

The three main weights that are sold in the USA are as follows; 3.0 oz per sq yard 10 x10 weave, 4.5oz 12x12 weave and 6oz 14x14 weave. Typically grommets are at one yard intervals on the 3.0oz, and at every eighteen inches with the 4.5oz and 6.0oz product.

Webmaster's Note: These tarps are strengthened by nylon strands that are coated, then bonded on both sides with the poly layers. The 10x10 or 12x12 refer to the number of mesh strands per foot of fabric. The greater the mesh density, and the heavier the nylon strands (measured in denier), the greater the durability and flexibility.

All good quality tarpaulins should have a least a 3% U.V. inhibitor added. This additive extends the life of the material during long periods of direct sunshine. As previously mentioned tarpaulins are available in a variety of weights. Generally the heavier the tarp the better the quality, the ounce per square yard and the mil thickness are two ways of gauging the quality of a tarp. Cheap tarps are usually found in flea markets and some online retail sites.

Tarpaulins can be purchased in many locations, hardware stores, auction sites, flee markets, & online vendors. The benefit of purchasing online is that you have a far greater choice of quality, size, color and the convenience of having it dropped to your door. Most internet sellers offer them in a very wide range of colors, even red and yellow are on offer. Camouflage tarps and fire retardant poly tarps are also very popular and once again can be purchased from many providers.

A polyethylene tarp can be used in many ways for home improvement; roof repair, waterproofing the side of buildings during construction, covering building materials on site, as a damp proof membrane, removing grass/leaves from the back yard, covering logs, painter's drop cloth, or boat cover. They even serve as lumber tarps for flatbeds. For roofing repairs the best option is a 6oz silver tarp, as this will stand up to the sun rays to the greatest extent. For covering the side of a building, the 6.0z weight is again the ideal choice. It is the most popular heavy duty tarp. For all other uses the 4.5oz or 3.0z would be good for the job.

Robert Page CEO of Tarpaflex US LLC & Tarpaflex Ltd U.K. has been working in the Tarp Industry for over twenty years and has extensive experience providing quality tarps for all kinds of applications. You can reach them at


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