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WAter Leak Control

Choosing The Right
Ceiling Leak Diverter



So you've discovered you have a ceiling leak! Now what ? Emergency roof repair ? Do you simply call and wait for someone to locate the drip source and make the needed repair ? That can take hours or days. While waiting for a licensed roofing contractor, you could try the old method of setting buckets under the leaky ceiling.

But the best solution is to use a "drain tarp" or "roof eak diverter" to effectively stop water from coming into your work place. You can make roof leak repairs later, but you need to catch and divert the water now.

These handy roof leak kits are simple and quick to install and remove, and no special tools are needed.

With heavy-duty D-rings sewn into each corner, a specially designed tarp is hung from the ceiling to collect water from a dripping roof or leaky pipe. The water is then safely funneled away using a standard 3/4" garden hose connected to a drain spout on the tarp. No need to monitor it. It does the job around the clock, without further human attention.

These leak diverter tarps are designed to maintain the safety and integrity of the work area. They reduce wet floor conditions, and eliminate the need for plastic sheets hanging into buckets. The tarps are completely reusable, and come with all the components necessary to redirect water 25 feet away, or further with a longer hose

This brief article was written to answer the many questions about whether these specialty tarps are effective, and where to find them.

Two Options For Almost Any Situation

You can choose from two general typs of leak diverters.

You can spend a few hours searching out the local hardware stores, or pay premium prices for a contractor to send what you need. But most likely, one of the following options will suit your situation perfectly:

Drain Tarps: The standard is a 6 oz, 12-mil reinforced polyethylene, that is both lightweight and strong. Heavy-duty versions use 13 or 14 oz, 22-mil vinyl tarp material that are also fire retardant. Be aware that not all tarps are fire retardant.

Sizes range from 2x2 all the way up to 30x30.

Ceiling Panels: Unlike a tarp, a ceiling panel drain is specifically sized to replace a leaking acoustical ceiling tile, but also uses an attached drain hose to divert water. There are 6 ceiling grid clips that are used to attach the panel, and they are just as easy to install as a tarp, yet are more attractive.

Sizes fit 2x2' and 2x4' panels.

Although only a temporary step, an emergency drain tarp will buy you the time you need to make permanent repairs


Where To Get It !

The best prices and fast delivery come from this provider of industrial suplies. Standard ground shipping for both types of diverters in 4-7 business days. But expedited shipping is available if you have an emergency.


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