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Canopies & Covers
our Guide To Tarps,
Canopies, And Covers

Need tarps ? How about a cover for your car or boat ? Or a canopy shelter ? Confused about the variety of types, materials, and construction ? Looking for a specific material or the right fabric for a special purpose? Then you've arrived at the right place !

If you are looking for a quality tarpaulin or shelter, then you know that the net is flooded with small shops trying to manufacture and sell their own products. So when thinking about what you need, consider the reputation of the supplier. There are a handful of companies that have both the size and the reputation to backup the quality of their materials. will not only show you the very best selection of tarp coverings and canopy shelters available online, but we'll also point you to the best suppliers, known for their quality.

Rather than simply a list of sizes, colors, and construction materials, you'll find valuable tips, descriptions, and guidelines to help you make the right choice among the many variations that are available.

Browse through these pages for information about fabric characteristics, best uses, and the most responsive suppliers for heavy duty tarps and coverings, garage kits, pop-up tents, and even vehicke covers to protect your car, truck, ATV, or RV.

Making The Right Choice

Tarps are also found in different strengths, construction styles, and sizes. All provide great protection from sun and extreme weather, and some are also treated to resist moisture, mildew, and rotting. You'll also find a range of colors, especially in polyethylene, including blue, white, black, brown, green,and silver.

The grand-daddy fabric is canvas, and can be found with chemical treatments to make it mildew resistant, water proof, and flame resistant. Mesh tarps are usually made with vinyl or laminated polyester, is available in a different colors and degree of sun and wind protection.

Canopies have a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes. The pop up canopies are the top choice for craft fares and backyard gatherings. If you're looking for party tents, there are great choices from the small pop up shelters, to the larger and very stylish shade canopies.

Of course, your vehicle needs protection from the elements too, and durable car covers, provide maximum protection at the least cost. We also give you recommendations for standard and custom fit covers for your truck, boat, or RV.

There are also several top-quality and easy-to-setup garage kits and portable car canopies that provide either an inexpensive overhead shelter, or more complete vehicle enclosure and protection for almost any vehicle.

Rather than surfing through a sea of websites, all offering unneeded matrials and tools, you can now easily find just those suppliers that can deliver what you need within just a few days, and at the best possible prices.

I'll show you:

  • A variety of covers and canopies, and how they differ. (Just browse the pages on this site.)
  • How to match your need to the right material. (Follow some basic guidelines.)
  • Where to find the best prices. (I'll give you specific recommendations.)
  • Sources of specialty and hard-to-find coverings. (More specific recommendations.)

Unfortunately, the right one is not always available at the local supply house. So browse around, and we'll make your search a lot easier !

Be sure to bookmark us and come back often.



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